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//Lindsey only//

McDonald? It's time you and I have a word about a certain scroll?

Get over here, on the double. Now, if you please.

Thank you.

::Innocent smile::

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//Cordelia only...and well, Lindsey too//

I had that talk with Lindsey and... Everything's fine. Can you believe that? I was sure he was going to...I don't know, laugh at best. Which he did. Git

But everything is fine now.


What in the bloody blazes is going on here? Why are there two children roaming around calling themselves Angel and Faith?

Fred? Any idea?

Please tell me it's not what I think it is.

Good lord, I should probably get out the books.
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Earnest blue eyes

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//Cordelia only//

Uhm, I think Lindsey is getting a bit... Shall we say 'frustrated'? I keep having to turn him down when he wants uhm... You know. Because I've not told him about my problem yet, obviously. I mean, that's not something you just throw out in a conversation.

Anya told me Lilah had already tattled my little secret out to him, but I'm not so sure. Why would he be so frustrated if he knew?

I-I don't know what to tell him. But we do need to talk, him and I. Don't you think? God, what do I say?

Damn, why can't things be simple for once? Wouldn't that be grand.


Anyway, let's not talk about this, errr, here. Some people can apparently just hack in these things and this matter isn't something I want out in the-the


Lindsey? Will you be coming by this evening? I need to run by Giles to talk about some text he's gotten his hands on. Which looks very promising about...something. Cordelia is home though, talking with girls about interior decorating.

Apparently, I have no say in the matter at all. If you would so kind as to help me convince them that 'pastel' is fine for their bedrooms, it's not for the rest of the house. Please.

That reminds me. I need to ask Xander about how to go about building an outside playpen for FrouFrou.
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Wes Name

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Well, Lindsey and I looked everywhere, but she seems to have vanished. Then again, Lilah's a big girl. And since they let her out of the hospital, I'm guessing she's fine. Probably needed the time alone. It's a bit childless running out on Lindsey after he tried so hard, let her stay at his apartment, went out of his way to be there for his friend, even went to the oracles and nearly risked his life for her. I’m still going to kick his arse over that one. Git

Oh well, I’m sure she’ll be fine.

I did spend the better part of that evening trying to comfort Lindsey, because he was feeling needlessly guilty. Cordelia was still there, having watched Marilee all day, while taking and picking up Alicia from her new school. So in ways of comfort we spend a family evening with games, DVD and pizza.

Good lord, I voluntarily ordered pizza. Cordy nor Lindsey had to look at me cutely to do so. What *has* the world come to? There’s nothing wrong with tea and toast for dinner, no matter what Cordy says.

It was fun though. Almost family like. I've missed that since I left Angel Investigation, didn't have that feeling over at Wolfram and Hart. But it’s there now that we’ve started our own agency and seem to come to term with…certain things. I still do some research work for Angel and the others should they need it. Because really, I wouldn’t trust anyone in my former department even with a gun against their heads.

Cordy and the girls decided to have a girls night and retreated to Cordelia’s room. I mean…the large guestroom. I heard the name ‘Spike’ quite a lot when I went past. I’m thinking Cordelia was teaching the girls some thing we men seriously do not ever need to know about with Spike as an example. And Angel, I think. Better them then I. They‘re indestructible, I‘m not.

It was rather late once the movie we were…uhm…watching was finished. And since I didn’t like the idea of Lindsey alone at his apartment, I asked him to spend the night. My bed is big enough. I mean, you have to plan ahead for thunderstorms and the girls wanting to sleep in your room etc, etc….right?


In other news, I’ve made marilee_brewer an account as well, since she was starting to pout. Nothing much in there yet. Once she’s figured things out there will probably be a bunch of letters and numbers. For now, we’re still working on lay out issues. She certainly is demanding for a five, nearly six year old. Aside from ‘I don’t want it to look like Alicia’s’ there’s a whole list.

Maybe I should have Willow take a look at it with her, she knows about that stuff.
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Wes blank

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The house is almost settled. It would’ve been more or less settled if we hadn’t made the mistake of hooking up the telly first. Then again, it may be have been a smart idea. Sofa + telly means a very relaxed evening. Especially since Willow took the girls. Poor girl is lonely but I’m sure Alicia and Marilee will distract her.

Lindsey and I had… a lot of fun…snogging moving. We did fall asleep on the sofa halfway through, I guess all this moving is exhausting. That and keeping those brownies in check.

Cordy joined us later as well, bringing some things over. She gave me and Lindsey a knowing eye. I’m guessing our secret is not so secret anymore. I *guess* being subtle is not Lindsey’s strong point. Kissing me in front of Cordy was a dead give away. Which was followed by getting an odd look from Cordy.

She didn’t say much, even though I knew she wanted too. She’s probably saving that up till she can catch me alone. And Lindsey alone, no doubt. Oh dear. Well, I’m happy and rather content. I never thought I’d be the domestic type, but it would seem to fit well.

I just hope the four most important people in my life right now an get along. Well, two of them, since the children don’t seem to have a problem. Aside from the whole Alicia and Spike thing. Cordy and Lindsey getting along is very important to me however.

We must’ve fallen asleep on the sofa *again* though. The Princess Bride *is* a very boring movie, I’ll admit that freely. When we woke up this morning, all three of us - Cordy had plopped herself between Lindsey and I - we were all tangled up so to speak.

It wasn’t as….awkward as I thought it would be.


//Cordy only//

This may seem like a silly question. But did Lindsey seem a bit jumpy to you?

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Earnest blue eyes

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Dear god, remind me to never move again. If it's not one thing, it's another. Fist there was the fight between Marilee and Alicia as to whom would get which room. Thankfully there are two rooms that are similar one on the beginning of the corridor, the other on the end, with my room in the middle.

That solved the room problem. Then there's the moving, something scared off the movers, I had no idea what. And even though Willow assured me that the presence she sensed in our new house was not evil...I'm thinking it's not good either. It took me a while, but I finally caught the little buggers in the act. They were stealing my silverware!

The house is infested by Brownies.

Yes, I'll wait while you stop laughing.


Image hosting by Photobucket

Is a Brownie.

Collapse )

I've tried offering them clothes, but they wouldn't budge! It would figure that I'd end up with an entire clan of Dobies infesting my house! They're 'trying' to help usually means they steal everything that's not nailed down. They even tried to take off with FrouFrou, but I'm guessing he defended himself. They're walking around him in a very large circle.

Of course now Marilee has spotted them as well and deemed them 'cwute' and wont allow me to get rid of them. Alicia thought they were cute as well, until they took off with her hairbrush.

Should've known better then to buy a house that hasn't been lived in since 1900 something and who's previous owners were called 'McDowell'.

Hmm, I wonder if Lindsey can have a word with them. I mean...he's a Mac. Or Angel, he's Irish...originally.

At any rate, I'm stuck with having to move all my stuff in here without any movers. I'd best lend a truck somewhere I guess.

Bother, just my luck. Bloody hell.
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Wes and the girl

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Lindsey? Do you have time today to check out the house? Willow is free as well, so she's coming along, just in case of any supernatural disturbances. The girls have a day off because of 'study day' or some such the teacher are having. We never had those, what are those?

I meant to ask you last night, but uhm... I somehow forgot. I've no idea how it could've slipped my mind.

Let me know, alright. Thank you. :0)
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Wes sitting stairs S4

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After listening to Marilee and Alicia going on about how they were *going* to visit Mandy, (Yes, I thought it was some friend first. It took me a bit to link the name 'Mandy' with Faith's dog) but never had the chance to do so on account of Faith leaving and Fred being down, I caved.

Fine, so I can't stand it when my girls look at me all sad and... Well, sad is more then enough. And anything that'll make Alicia shut up about Spike for about two seconds is good enough in my book. God.

I have to question my own wisdom for taking them to an interdimensional petshop and then be overjoyed about the fact they decided on a...normal pet. Even if it's illegal here, there is the good fortune that I have connections with Wolfram and Hart and my resignation isn't until next month officially.

All the papers check out, we have a cage, food, toys, sleeping things, he's inoculated, he's really really cute, and my daughters love him. Love at first sight so to speak. I think Spike and Angel may get along with this little one just marvelous. One fanged hunter to another, so to speak.

Did they have to name the ferret Frou Frou though?

Tomorrow we're going to be looking at a house I found. It seems ideal for the three of us and any guests which are sure to come our way. A bit too good, if you ask me, but we're looking into it. Ghosts and other things are nothing new really. And Lindsey will cover the legal part of the deal. It should work out splendidly.

Now all I need to find is a good office space.

//Lindsey only//

I had a lovely time the other night. Very lovely. Thank you.

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Red Shirt

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//Lindsey only//

Uhm Lawyer-chap? I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to cancel for tonight.

Cordy is upset and she went out I shouldn't be worried right? I mean, she kicks demon arse and all that, right? so she can't watch the girls. Besides, she needs to get out. Long story, not mine to tell.

Anyway, the girls and I are making it a *grits teeth* Sponge Bob Movie Evening instead. If you laugh I'll do something nasty.

I'm sorry. Rain-check?

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Wes smile S5

Hallelujah, another year past!

Thank the lord that’s over. Loathsome Pink Day! Nothing but fodder for the commercial branch. But since my girls went out of their way to want to celebrate it, I just sucked it up and went ahead. They don’t have much joy in their lives as it is, so what’s a little…pink. They even made me breakfast. I’ll never the crumbs out of my bed, so I’ll change the sheets later. I sincerely hope Cordelia helped them, I shudder at the though of them making tea and boiling eggs. I’m sure she did.

I’m think she needed to occupy her mind, since Doyle has yet to be heard off. Here we are, Valentines day, and the sod lets it pass. Idiot. I may have to talk with him about ‘opportunities that knock’. Luckily, or rather hopefully, we were able to cheer her up. We went to the movies, The Chronicles of Narnia, which was extremely interesting. If perhaps a little intense for usual small children. Of course neither Marilee nor Alicia are usual. I guess every parent says that, but it’s true in their case. Then we went shopping. I suffered survived that as well. Both Alicia and Cordelia seemed to enjoy that. Then again, it *is* shopping, they’re bound to like it.

The last few days were very eventful. Lindsey went to see the Oracles about Lilah’s babies. If he thinks he can get away with the answers he gave me, he’s deluding himself. Nattering on about half truths isn’t going to work. He’s hiding something. And if there is something I hate, it’s secrets. I’ll find out what they really said, no matter what. He did seem somewhat relieved and yet not when he was tossed out of there. Git, he could’ve seriously gotten injured. Or more serious then he was. I do hope Lilah will appreciate what he did. If he does tell her, and if he doesn’t she’ll read it here.

//Lindsey Only//

Are you alright? I’m still not convinced just dropping you off at the hospital was such a smart idea. You *did* actually *stop* by the first aid didn’t you? You didn’t just run past it? If I find out you’ve not gone there I’m coming over and I’m dragging you down there myself, is that understood?


You are a most infuriating man at times, I take it you know that. You stubborn wanker.

How’s Lilah holding up? And her children.


I mailed you all some pictures Marilee and Alicia made for you. I hope they arrived on time, I did use direct mail, since they wanted it to arrive on the 14th. The girls, that is. I think Marilee has a distinct talent for drawing, don’t you agree Angel? She’s only five, but there’s an artist growing there! I just know it.
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