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Has anyone seen Lindsey? No? Damn.

Well, yesterday was wonderful. Until after dinner and we sat down for some family evening fun. Lindsey suddenly had to go run an errant. Which, I suppose, could happen. I thought nothing of it, though I was somewhat disappointed. I mean, what could have been so bloody important to fetch at the corner store that couldn’t wait until tomorrow? I doubt it was milk.

He didn’t go into the office did he? Hang on.


No, he’s not there either. They’ve not seen him since Friday. Damnation.

After Lindsey dashed off we waited and waited and…waited. Until it was the girls bedtime, they do have school today. Cordy and I put them to bed and read to them, trying not to worry about Lindsey. Cordy said he was probably overwhelmed and needed some air? I mean, I doubt a quick errant takes up a few hours.

You’d almost think of the cliché ‘he went out for some smokes’. God. He didn’t leave us did he?

Suffice to say the girls were very disappointed. Cordelia is disappointed, and well… frankly, so was I. Right now though, I’m very worried. His cellphone seems to be switched off, I only get some odd noise and I have no idea where in the bloody blazes he is!

I’ve-- I’ve already called the police, but they say I can’t file a missing persons charge thing until he’s missing at least 24 hours! What is that utter nonsense! He could be lying in some ditch! Bleeding to death! Oh, Oh dear that’s not really calming me down at the moment. Maybe I should go look for him. I don’t really care about what they say about recovering from the flu and taking it easy.

He could have been in a car crash! Yes, I’ve already called all the hospitals. And the police stations, how’d you think I know about the missing persons report? No one has seen him, and no one has been brought in who may have been Lindsey.

I’m afraid to call the morgue’s to be honest…but. I’ll go look for him first. It’s California, it’s warm, it’s not raining, and I feel fine.

I’ll just leave Cordy a note. No need to worry her if it’s not needed.

Pick up the damn phone, Lindsey!


It’s well passed midnight for gods sake!

Alright. That’s it. I’m leaving Cordy a note and I’m going to look for him. I’ll start at the corner store.

Please let him be alright.
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