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It's Fathers Day? Oh.

The girls made us breakfast, in bed. No doubt with the help of Cordelia. Luckily no homemade brownies were involved, or hurt.

My very first thought was ashamedly 'there will be crumbs in the bed'. Until I realized that both Cordelia and Lindsey can handle that just fine on their own. Midnight snacks, that's all I have to say to that matter. I suspect they didn't really made it themselves. I think they ordered in, under Cordy's guidance. Which doesn't make it less sweet.

They made me a drawing, which I will have framed. I wish I could get this stupid scanner to work, so I can show it to you. Because they're really good, especially Marilee's.

And they wrote a song Or some such for Lindsey on the tune of...what was it again? Something with 'mountains', I think. Alicia has a really nice voice. Who knew Lindsey had an allergy problem too?

For some reason both Marilee and Alicia got a new dress, as well as Cordelia. They lost me there, but I'm sure it's another fine fathers day tradition. It's not as if I would know.

I hear going out to dinner is also traditional today? But we've chosen to have dinner and a movie at home. Just the five of us. Although, Lindsey mentioned that dreaded barbecue?

I've never been so utterly and ridiculously happy as today. Although the other day came bloody close. It also made me realize how much one should cherish moments like these, because they'll never come back. I'm a father, and aside from being a mother, I personally think that's the hardest job in the world.

But it's so very much worth it when there are moments like these.
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