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//Locked against Lindsey//

I’m worried. We’ve not heard from Lilah since she, apparently, disappeared into…wherever she disappeared into. According to this Anya twit. I’ve tried to help her out, but if she cannot be reached, or doesn’t even know who she is, then how can we help her? Anya’s not being very helpful either. I thought she was all for helping out women or some such.

Anyway, what has me even more worried then Lilah disappearing - and despite our indifferences, I still care for her. We have a past, one I‘m not likely to forget. Even if I‘m very happy as things are now. She deserves some happiness too - , is Lindsey.

I’ve not forgotten we went to see those bloody oracles. I’ve not forgotten he was being extremely vague and tried to avoid any questions when it came to them. I fear he’s going to do something extremely stupid. Just when Cordelia, he and I have finally worked things out, gotten together, he’d do something like that.

And I understand the reasons why. I’m just worried sick that I can’t do anything about it. If he’s not going to say anything, then how can we help? Oh, he’s being his usual self. All smiles and playing with the girls and flirting with both Cordelia and I, goofing around and… things like that.

He’s hiding something though, and that frightens me. Cordelia as well, I know this. Maybe she and I should corner him and just glare it out of him. Cordy has quite an impressive glare, I’d be surprised if she’d not get the truth out of him. Maybe that’s what we should do. I’m just at a loss and scared to loose what we’ve build up so carefully.


It’s a beautiful day outside. The girls and I went to the park, despite the protestations of certain people that I should be resting and not overexert myself. Certain people went along, to make sure I wasn’t doing as such. We had a nice day, with a picnic. It has been a long time since I’ve had a family day like that. Okay, I never had one, but that’s not the point.

I’m happy, and I’m oddly afraid and waiting for the bubble to burst.
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