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I’m not usually one to take disadvantage of a situation. But with the girls in school and Lindsey off to… I have no idea where he’s off to actually. I’m sure he’s mentioned it but I can’t remember. Which doesn’t say anything about my still having a fever, if it really was that bad, or my still being sick. I’m fine. And Cordelia went off on a ‘Yay, he’s no longer contagious’ shopping spree early in the morning. I’m not expecting her back for at the very least…somewhere in the evening.

Oh! I know, Lindsey’s probably gone to work. Since he told me he’s not been in much lately. That reminds me I’ve still not gotten a clear answer if he wants to join Cordy and mine new agency. Well, it can wait. What I did do was cease the moment and wobble my way over to the library. I have work to do, you know. And dear god, who knew getting dressed could be so exhausting?

But I made it here that on it’s own was a bloody miracle. Why is everything still spinning? in the library, where my computer is. I see I didn’t miss anything while…being confined to bed. I really must say, my sofa is looking extremely comfortable. Even with the brownies running around and FrouFrou eying me with rather evil looking eyes. That’s probably my imagination.

Anyway, I think I’ll take a nice nap on the sofa. According to my calculations I have a few hours before anyone gets back, then grab some of the books I need and back to bed. No one will be any the wiser. Sometimes I’m really much to clever. Right. Best get to work.

It's odly cold for California isn't it?
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