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So, Lindsey is going to cook this evening. Apparently we're going to be having a barbecue, outside, due to the lovely weather we're having. Cordy already took Alicia shopping to get the things before I even asked Lindsey if he wanted to. She must be very convinced of my persuasive skills.

Though, Lindsey eagerly said yes. Loudly.. and repeatedly. He must *really* be looking forward to it. ::smirk:: Serves him right for messing around with scrolls.

That reminds me...

Lindsey? We'll need to borrow your truck again to move Cordy's things to my place. I mean, our place now. I've finally figured out the spell to transfer Dennis, but we'll leave it up to him if he wants to move on or...well...move in. We've brownies, an insane ferret, so what's a ghost more or less.

I was just wondering if perhaps we should should invite Kennedy and Willow as well, with the...mini versions of Faith and Angel. Lord only knows how long they'll stay mini, it might be fun to spend some time with children their own age. Okay, Alicia is their age, slightly younger perhaps. Marilee will probably not leave mine or Cordy's side anyway.

So Kennedy? Willow? If you feel like joining us? We've a shaded patch of garden for Angel's sun...uhm...allergy. Anyway, let us know, there's room enough for all of us.
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