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Wes and the girl

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Well, I tried to stay at the bloody mall for as long as I could. I wanted to give Lindsey and Cordy some privacy. I'm still having mixed feelings about all this.

Don't get me wrong, I'm very happy that they're...uh...together, together. I'm glad that Cordelia has overcome her fear so soon and that it's with Lindsey.

Actually, I think the latter is the problem. It's a two way street. One the one hand I can understand that she'd feel safer with him sooner because Cordy and I have known each other longer and it may get...awkward.

But then there's the fact that we've known each other longer.


After all the drama and listening to my girls cry, it was good to see them smile again. I took them to the mall. Yes, voluntarily. Alicia got a new pair of slipper like shoes. Marilee some books, we managed to find some games for that computer console thing for the telly and apparently Dennis likes to play Parcheesi? Anyway, we got that as well.

I managed to talk Alicia out of a haircut. Good lord, she wanted it short and snappy?

We went to McDonald's, yes I still loathe that place, and grabbed a bite to eat. What's with the 'Superman' toys? Ridiculous. I'm also going to have to ask Lindsey to tell them once again that he *doesn't* own the place.

When we got home, Cordy and Lindsey were...there too.


And looking at me funny? Maybe they feel guilty? Which is silly, because I told them I'm happy for both. With both. I love them both, and I'm happy for them both.

I couldn't be happier.


With Lindsey free from that bloody firm, I think it's high time we got the Pryce-Agency of the ground.
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Earnest blue eyes

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The talk with Connor really did go better then I expected. I’m not sure what I was expecting, but this wasn’t really it. I was still picturing this angry boy who was ready to kill me if needed. He seemed calm enough, ready to move on and get out of there. I think I may have gotten through to him somewhat. I hope.

When we came home, the girls were in their room playing. Lindsey said he was going to get rid of the suit and take a shower because that place always made him feel dirty. When I walked into the girls room they were quickly to tell me that Aunty Mommy Cordy had been floating, they ‘totally’ didn’t like the neighbors from across and was Mommy Aunty Cordy okay?

Deduction: Cordelia had a vision, she took the kids to the neighbors and went out *alone* to fight this bloody demon!


When I stormed off to the bathroom however to have a few words with her about that, I was brought to a screeching halt by some very…err…familiar sounds. The kinds of sounds you don’t hear often here but one has heard enough to recognize.

Cordelia was in the bathroom and I recalled Lindsey saying that he was going to take a shower.



I knew they had their talk, considering the fact that Lindsey wouldn’t shut up about when we drove over to the prison, but that this would mean that they’d be able to move onto the next stage so fast…

I just backed away from the door feeling slightly hurt for a reason I couldn’t put my finger on. Sure, I’d been in love with Cordelia longer the Lindsey. And sure Lindsey was my boyfriend first. I was happy that they’d get… err…intimate so fast though, it was just what I wanted for the two people I love.

Just couldn’t help but think, what about me? Maybe they were afraid of my…uhm… unnatural parts? Maybe Lindsey hadn’t been telling the truth when he apologized for laughing so hard about it when I told him? Cordelia *is* an actress.

I’m getting paranoid again.

They’re moving to the next stage, this is a happy thing. They just need time to… do the same with me. I guess. Hope. God, I hope so. Maybe they just need to get used to the idea? Maybe Lindsey isn’t used to men? Maybe Cordelia feels awkward because we were friends first?

Maybe they do see me as not whole.

Okay, I need to stop this. Now. Go and take the girls to the play ground on the next block when it’s still light out. Get some fresh air.


Errr, Cordy? Linds? I’m taking the girls to the small play ground at the end of the street, just around the corner? It’s still light out so we should take advantage of it. Just yell if you uh… need me. Or anything. No rush, take your time and… I’ll be going now.
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Wes brood

Through the mirror of my life

Klarutsha demon.

No, I’m not sneezing. Very funny.

Klarutsha demons, seem to have a lot of knowledge of what’s going on in, under and around the city, while their habitat is at the harbor. They apparently have very sensitive hearing. Just how sensitive was something I found out the hard way. I was in the middle of getting some information about either Fred or Angelus when my cell phone rang.

The next thing I know, my cell phone was gone, and disintegrated into a thousand tiny little pieces. Suffice to say, I was not happy with this. I was rather pissed already, but not as pissed as the Klarutsha demon.

I never knew they could throw humans that far. There’s no doubt in my mind that was a personal record for me. Fortunately it was at the harbor so I had a soft landing in the water.

Unfortunately, I can’t swim.

I have never been more grateful for the amount of garbage people seem to throw in the ocean. Some happily floating half eaten surfboard turned out to be my rescue. As long as I tried not to think of the rather large teeth marks on that things, the very deep, deep, deep water, and the fact that I was a very long way from the docks, I was able to stay calm.

Took me about an hour to get out of the damn water. Of course then I was visited upon by the universal law of ‘what can go wrong, will go wrong’. The harbor appears to be notorious for vandalism. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to find a working payphone? And why is it you can get a cab and bleed all over the backseat, but they pass you by when sopping wet?

Good lord.

I finally found a phone, had to borrow a quarter from a homeless chap - who incidentally looked cleaner then I did right then - and called home.

Half an hour later I was able to get a word in edgewise to the hurricane that was Lindsey and Cordelia. They were extremely mad, talking gibberish and upset.

It’s hardly my fault I got penciled in for an unwanted impromptu swimming lesson now was it?

They came to pick me up and were silent the entire drive home. I knew something had to be wrong other then them being angry because I wasn’t able to call. They way they were looking at each other. The way they were looking at me. The way Cordelia didn’t seem to want to let go of my hand despite how grubby it was and how much I stank.

When we got home, the girls had already gone to bed, Dennis keeping a close eye on them (perfect baby sitter). Lindsey and Cordelia sat me down and told me what happened, and what they know.

Thus far.

I don’t think it’s sank in yet, so I’m not going to say anything. What I am going to do is go into my office and do research. There has to be a way to fix this. Somehow.

Yes, some people call it denial.

I call it coping.
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